Equipment slots are character areas designed for active/worn items:

1.Inventory: holding an item(e.g. charm) in inventory gives a global bonus to character regardless of items worn.
Some games have pocket slots as limited alternative to above.
2.Torse/Armor slot: the main defense item is held there.
3.Weapon slots: Slots for inserting weapons.
4.Lower Armor slots:pants, belts, outer garments.
Often can have slots/pockets for potions or consumable content.
5.Glove slots: hand armor.
6.Boots: feet armor slots.
7.Rings and Amulets: 1 cell jewelry slots. These can be added liberally(e.g. 20 amulet slots and 20 ring slots).
8.Shield slot: holds defensive items(shields).
9.Cap slot: upper armor(helms,caps)
10.Wearables: misc slots to attach on hands/feet, e.g. bands/chains/charms/jewelry/pins/medals.