Types of resources:
Map-based, requires gathering units:
1.Static: 100 gold in a mine/patch on the ground
2.Regenerating: Gold Mine has 100 gold, but gain +1 gold per tick.
3.Infinite:Gold Mine has infinite gold, limited by gathering speed.
RTS that focus on map control should stay with map-based resources.
RTS which focus on economic simulating would use Map-Based

Player-Centric, units gather gold by existing:
4.Gathered by having some object:e.g.Captured relics in Age of Empires.
5.Gathered by building:Gold mine generates N gold per tick(infinite).
6.Gathered by unit: A golden goose brings N gold per tick(infinite).
Player-centric resource generators are suited for fast, mobile games where control of the map doesn't impede resource gathering.
Real-time Tactics are emphasized with #6 and #4, while 5 is suited for managing base-builder RTS limits to mobility by making resource-generators fixed at buildings spot on the map(as in map-based resource).

7.Created by trade of other resource: Trade electricity for gold.
8.Created by transmutation of other resource: transmute N lead to gold.
9.Stolen/Tributed from other players or units(e.g. NPC gold caravan).
Economic resources are suited for grand strategy and diplomacy-centric games, where trade and economy are central to success.