Types of resource gathering:
1. Worker/Builder unit:e.g.villager bringing resources to town.
Pros:Wide variety of tasks, rich economy
Cons:Less population limit, more useless micromanagement.
2.Resource Gathering building:e.g.Solar panel
Pros:easy economy
Cons:Static targets and tendency to be less mobile(alternative is to have mobile energy gathering units. which sidesteps this issue).
3.Autonomous harvesting unit: resource is acquired immediately after gathering.
Pros:rich economic gameplay
4. Resources are acquired from time-based bonus(based on resource-per-tick) or unit killcount/dead units.
Pros:no economic involvemet required.
Cons:RTS will lack the aspect of economic choice(some aspects can be more complex such as salvaging dead enemy units for resources).

A RTS game which concentrates on tactics/battle would benefit from
#2 or #4, while RTS with focus on economy and resource control, will be more effective with 1(for base-builder scenario) or 3(more mobile gameplay).
All RTS would benefit from automating resource gathering, to minimize player choice towards selection of resources to gather or production/upgrade of resource gathering tech(e.g. upgrading Reactor for producing more electricity).

vegetation/gold and static map resources should not hinder map movement:
a common design anti-pattern is maps filled with resources preventing movement, ala Black Forest in Age of Empires, which is popular due its anti-rush terrain filled with trees.
A proper way to fill maps with resources is to make them walkable and non-interfering with movement: the task of explicitly denying movement should be filled by natural barriers(mountains/rocks), attackable walls/ruins, minefields and traps. (generally resources should be rare but containing many resource units in one place:i.e. a single concentrated resource provides far more strategic value for a RTS vs map filled with wood all over).

Territory with no control of maps(a shared resource field) generally means that above Black Forest-type maps where player have to choose where to harvest wood or where to leave it as natural barrier encourage turtling and static gameplay which makes the game less about tactics and more about economic choices(players will just maximize their resources).