A character in RPG typically has only one skill build that he follows and allocates to the available skill point limit and the allocations are static(only can be reset).
An alternative to to allow to switch between different skillsets:
A macro/hotkey would switch skillpoint allocation to one of X skill builds to address the current situation:
Such builds would be created in advance, and allow A player to expirience the richness of class gameplay without resetting or creating another character.
1.Servers store fewer characters: no more one character = one build.
2.Players become versatile and adaptive instead of relying on specific skills and conditions they are stuck with(items/stats) in a character build.
3.No "ruined builds","junk builds" or mistakes. All can be corrected in minutes. Resetting skills is just deleting a build.
4.Free allocation creates a dimension to experiment with exotic and unusual builds at no cost.
5.Gameplay becomes richer and accepting of mistakes and experiments: player can test drive character builds very fast.
6.With same approach applied to player stat allocation, new build can mix and match stats/skills to create very unique skillsets.