Easy to configure primary stat system where all stats and affinities are set with 3 sliders.
First slider Earth<>Fire:
Earth(Vitality) vs Fire(SpellPower): more Vitality less Fire and vice verse.
Second Slider: Air <>Water:
Air(Dexterity) vs Water(Strength):More air less Water and vice versa.
Third slider:
Ether(Magic)<>Void(AntiMagic):More Ether less Void and vice versa(taken from Shunya(void) Mudra vs Aakash(ether) Mudra).

Amount of % chosen in slider
Earth% = Amount of Hitpoints/Life,HP regen Speed,Physical Damage Reduction%
Fire% = Spell damage modifier%,Spell Cooldown reduction%,

Ether% = Amount of Mana/Magic, Mana Regen Speed,Cast Speed reduction%
Void% = Resistance% to Spells, Spell absorb%, Spell Evasion chance%,

Air% = Ranged Physical Attack modifier%, Evasion from Ranged Attack%, Movement/Runspeed increase, increased range for spells/skills
Water%=Melee Physical Attack modifier%,Evasion from Melee Attack%, Physical Attack Speed increase,increased chance of stun% and longer stun duration

All aspects of the game can be influenced by six elements:
1. skill/spell components would receive bonus dependent on element%
2. Affinities to one element are balanced by decrease in other element.

Choices for specific element maximization can create a pseudo-class system:
Spellcaster vs Physical
1.Maximizing Fire is beneficial to Spellcasting(Damage/Low cooldown) vs Earth which is beneficial to Physical classes(HP,HP Regen,Physical Damage reduction).
Magic-centric vs Magic-evading
2.Maximizing Ether is beneficial to magic users(Mana,mana regen,Cast speed) vs Void which is beneficial to non-magic classes/tankers(resistance to spells).
Ranged or Melee
3.Maximizing Air is beneficial to ranged attackers and spell asters(movespeed,+range,Ranged Attack%,Evasion from ranged attack) vs Water(fast melee attack, stun,) which is beneficial to tanking/melee.