Also known as 'reroll' if stats are randomly assigned(single-player RPG typically).
Skill(and stat) reset is the action available to player that reassigns all skill points or stat points into unspent pool.
Games which don't feature skill/stat resets or limit them to few uses often suffer from "Ruined build" characters which allocate the skill/stat suboptimally or not in alignment with their equipment/area/gameplay style.
Making stat/skill reset painless and fast(and assigning many points should be also fast. not clicking 100 times to add 100 skill points) results in far more user-friendly expeirience and allows more flexibility in gameplay.

A typical handicap is allowing stat/skill reset only in town/neutral zone and/or limited to N resets/day, which prevents "fitting the skills to the enemy" pattern that players use to maximize damage/effect of their skills.