Magical shooter is a (derogatory) term for RPG/Action RPG focused on ranged spells or fast projectiles. Typically all melee action is outclassed by ranged combat and FPS elements.
Things that make a RPG a "Magical Shooter".
1.Fast projectiles: spells/items/throwables.
2.No penalty for higher range: projectiles don't decay in potency with range.
3.Ranged spells/skills are easy to autocast in sequence: similar to machine guns.
4.Ranged attacks are more efficient in resources/mana/energy than melee.
5.Auto-homing projectiles negate player escape attempts.
6.Player movement speed is insignificant compared toprojectiles.
7.Limited jumping/crouching ability that reduces potential of dodging projectiles.
8.Players lack area defense skills that stop/slow/destroy projectiles or such skills are on high cooldown or high cost.