Luck is a character stat that alters random number generation in player's favor.

Possible uses of combat-based Luck:
1.Charming/Taming monsters probability.
2.chance to avoid/dodge attacks of enemies.
3.Chance to cast triggered spell(items/skills with cast-on-hit/use chance)
4.Chance to block attacks/spells.(may clash with dexterity stat)
5.Chance to hit enemy(may clash with dexterity stat)
6.Chance to trigger traps or scenery objects.
7.Bonus to critical strikes.
8.Better random damage selection chance from x-y modifiers(e.g. 2-30 damage )

Possible uses of non-combat Luck stat(Fortune):
1.Chances to find items."magic find%"
2.Quality/Quantity of found items.
3.Chance to craft items. Crafting probabilities.
4.Resource extraction mechanics: more resources, less chance of failure.
5.Gambling: more chance to get items or win the gamble.
6.Item Repair: less chance to lose durability or less cost.
7.Less chance of losing items/gold on death or reduction of loss.