change of alignment

An in-game change of alignment is triggered when a player gains N alignment points towards a specific alignment.
(modifier)Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic x (alignment)Good/Neutral/Evil
Types of events giving such points with typical outcomes:
1.Killing NPCs,Players or neutral creatures: Typically this adds alignments to one of the 'Evil' alignment.
2.Non-standard behavior may add 'Chaotic' modifier points.
3.Doing quests: Gains more 'lawful' or 'good' points(lawful for following the questline/tasklists 100%, good for completion).
Quests that have a negative moral component may instead add 'Evil' or 'Chaotic' points, if the quest giving NPC is in such alignment or presents a choice that allows such actions, but this should be apparent before taking on quest.
4.Abstaining from combat or choices: "neutral" points.
5.Actions against monsters/evil should decrease 'Evil' points and vice verse actions against allied/neutral entities should decrease 'Good' points. Both should decrease 'neutral' score.

The alignment with most points becomes the character alignment, but for default the character should be Neutral/Neutral(e.g. 100 points in true neutral) slowly getting towards the alignment with each new actions/choice.