Against Jumping Puzzles,Acrobatics and FPS reflexes

A recent trend in a few MMOs is to incorporate puzzles which requires physical reflexes and timing to complete.
RPGs are not meant to be a simulation of sport or acrobatic skill. These attempts of 'spicing up','enriching gameplay experience' don't reach their audience:
repeated puzzles are not fun and playing with high latency ruins the immersion easily(since its not single-player adventure and not responsive to player movement).
The rationale for these 'jumping/acrobatics' is lending the tropes from adventure genre(e.g. Lara Croft) where correct jump/move leads to reward/escape/advancement in context of RPG.
But key error is here: The single-player exploration/puzzle expirience is repeated once, without audience and with unlimited time. In MMO time spent on silly puzzles reduces other areas and stalls quest progression: with more player on the same puzzle, the puzzle becomes a queue and only creates stress - MMO controls frequently fail to be responsive to player command while game handles network communications and changes to scenery. Players themselves are often not skilled enough to perform the trick/puzzle/jump and become frustrated as their quest is blocked by acrobatic circuses: such places are filled with players trying to repeat the trick/jump and failing. Immersion of main gameplay is ruined as the genre shift is felt : the RPG sharply changes to a circus show where characters are all the same and need to do the same job/trick to advance.