Intuitive design is a principle of design that allows the game to be easily understood with minimal external help(though website might host videos/gifs explaining mechanics or activities). Key rules:
1.Simple, clear ideas. A does what the text description does.
2.More complex ideas are built on simple ideas.
3.All relevant information is in-game: Explanation/Help popups are available to each mechanic and attribute.
4.Tutorials: depicted as task-quests to teach each mechanic/rule, even the basics(some players have limited RPG experience or preconceptions about the genre).
5.Clear UI: Only important elements are in front, advanced options are available through menus/buttons, rarely used options are not cluttering UI.
6.Easily assigned hotkeys and macros: design must accommodate advanced players as well. Advanced gameplay requires intuitive, easy editing of macro/hotkey content to reduce effort required to play.
7.Simple vocabulary outside of lore: if game describes gameplay mechanic(such as a one of items attributes) it uses clear and simple tone, unrelated to any verbose prose or poetic language.i.e. number to X .
Simple doesn't mean non-intuitive, as description need to lack ambiguity so player doesn't need to ask "Which type of damage? What kind of attack is required to trigger X? Does Y bonus apply to Z? "
8.Clear choices in item use: "Does inserting this crystal into an item make it impossible to retrieve" vs "Crystal: Once inserted cannot be removed"(correct)?
9.Clear failure/negation conditions: "The spell doesn't work at night"(correct) vs "This spell is powered by the sun rays."
10.Quests which aren't lore-centric(Task Quests) must provide exact detail: "You need to defeat the dragon" vs " Defeat the dragon located in Cave X, sub-task 1.Must collect Y amulet before it ."(correct)
11.Prevent "How do I do X" questions by making them part of help system(i.e. a menu dropdown for all possible activities, How do i [select] -> depicts the sequence of actions)
12.Prevent "Does X apply to Y" questions by adding a two-layer dropdown menu with [X] applies to [Y] and showing that either X affects Y (and how) or X can't affect Y.
13.For everything else allow searching the help system in-game, reduce reliance on external references as much as possible with dropdown menu for common topics,etc.