Siege mechanics: Siege is a MMO activity that requires the following:
1.Group/Clan/Faction holding control over land or buildings in specific area.
2.These buildings or fortifications have limited durability that makes them vulnerable to damage.
Typically such buildings don't have entrance for non-defenders or close/open entrances by choice of defending faction.
3.These buildings or fortifications, represent a destructible gate protecting equipment and players inside them from harm.
4.Other faction/group/clan attacks the buildings/fortifications by skills or specific anti-building equipment/items.
Ladders,mines,siege rams and short range equipment is usually not allowed or is very easily to counter by defenders.
5.By destroying(partial destruction, depicted as breach or loss of one part of fortification) the building/fortification, the attacking side gain entrance into the defenders area who automatically lose their territorial control over the buildings/fortifications(such as opening/closing entrances).
6.The new controlling faction/group/clan that wins the battle can choose to scrap the buildings/fortifications for resources or rebuild them as their own defended area.