Personalized drop is an object(typically a chest) that appears to a single player(i.e. other players don't see and can't interact with the drop). Personalized drops solve the loot-sharing problem:
Loot-Sharing problem:If several players kill a monsters or reach a chest, whom deserves the items and how they're split.
The problem is evident most in temporary/ad-hoc parties forming on player trust.
Personalized drop removes the social conflict from occurring by giving each player his own drop, triggered by activation of object.
The process is a follows:
1.One player activates the drop(monster kill, chest opened,etc).
2.For each player in the area(defined as drop_distance) spawn a personalized chest(or just items) that are visible for one player only.
3.Each player picks up their unique drop.
4.Players can trade the drop's items on their own terms and without external social pressure to give up or share their loot.