Periodic mechanic is an anti-pattern in game design:
Usually this is a use of some temporary mechanic that forces the player to perform the same exact action periodically/repeatedly, creating a routine task as additional roadblock/burden in gameplay.

Examples in action:
1.Eating/Buying food to reduce periodic hunger.
2.Repairing/Recharging items to restore their effectiveness.
3.Replenishing consumable ammo(e.g. arrows).
4.Identifying/Cleaning new items before use.
5.Pre-casting buffs each N seconds.(mandatory preparation)
6.Buying new potions to replace used ones.(periodic forced shopping)
7.waiting for cooldown to end to cast another time.(periodic cooldown skills are essentially the reified form of this concept)
8.Picking currency/resource/consumables/item from loot on ground.(instead of auto-pickup).

quest mechanics that can be considered periodic:
1.Repeat the same quest again for additional reward(daily quest).
2.Move from A to B to A to gain reward(repeatable fetch quest).
3.Do action X, N times to earn Y reward(Kill 10 rats).