item use restriction is a set of anti-patterns that stops players from using found items immediately, reducing their utility and immersion in the game. Usually created to reduce player power or restrict item use by adding "realistic" restrictions.
Typical restrictions:
1.A procedure must be performed on the item to make it usable(examples:identification,unlocking,cleaning,repair, enchantment/removal of curses/etc).
Such procedures are often time-sinks or gold-sinks.
2.Players must meet stat/level requirements to use the item.
3.Players must be of specific faction or class to use the item.
4.Items can't be used with other items due incompatibility with some item_type.e.g. holy items can't be equipped with corrupted items.
5.Item can't be equipped due limit on maximum number of item_type items equipped. (e.g. can't equip more than two items of "Legendary" class).
6.Item must be combined with other component/consumable(e.g. bows require arrows) to function.
7.Item must be crafted into a usable form by collecting additional components.(forced crafting)
8.Item can't be equipped in the current zone(e.g. underwater) requiring alternative equipment.
9.Item can't be used in PvP combat(e.g. due balance reasons).
10.Item can't be equipped until character finishes a quest or disappears after quest completion.(Quest-bound item).
11.Item can't be repaired or recharged.(Forces to ration use of item).
12.Item can't be used unless player shifts into a specific form or state(e.g. aura).
13.Item can't target specific monsters or objects, despite items of its class working on them.
14.Item has a non-obvious cooldown during which its useless.(e.g. a catapult with a non-specific recharge period)
15.Item can't be transported without specific transport units. e.g. Cannons can't be carried by characters.
16.Item requires other identical items in its vicinity to work. e.g. a ring that cast spells only when other rings of same exact type are in radius.
17.Item requiring that some item_type isn't in radius.
e.g. a holy item that stops working when there is cursed item nearby.
18.Item requiring that specific objects or terrain aren't nearby. e.g. a weapon that doesn't work near water sources.(see #8 for more extreme version).
19.Item with a timer to use that runs regardless of player action. e.g. weapon that decays in 1 hour.
20.Item that only works in specific time period. e.g. weapon that only works at night(instead of attribute modified by time of day).
21.Item that adds restrictions to player interactions. e.g. players can't pick up gold or can't use specific skill.
22.Item that manifests negative/cursed attributes that need to be balanced with non-cursed items.(typically powerful attributes in combination with cursed modifiers that are negated by using other items).
e.g. a item that has life drain(that will eventually kill the character) unless countered by life regen gear.
23.Item that add a specific condition that impacts gameplay, not otherwise specified in the above list.