Gathering is a process by which player collects resources spawned on the map. The process usually awards experience in gathering skills or normal exp.
Types of gathering.
1.Instant removal(e.g. Picking up flowers,herbs).Removes the resource from the map until it respawns.
2.Mining resource node. The process is timed and often has chance for failure(e.g. woodcutting).
3.Gathering infinite resource(e.g. filling up water flask), mostly instant.
4.Farmed resource: player plants seeds or any object that needs growth, then gathers them after a set growth period.
5.Magical gathering: A timed "gathering" from a specific area with a spell(e.g. drawing energy/elemental power/materialization). Area recharges later.
6.Buried treasure hunting: spawned underground loot is discovered by digging.
7.Player construct: player constructs an object that gathers a resource in nearby area. Fishing, traps, windmills,wells,etc.
8.Pet-gatherer: player's pet searches the area and gathers resources.