Area disabling spell is a game mechanic pattern that results from overuse of debuff that
A.Disables all enemies in area from using skills/spells
B.Disables or restrict movement.
C.The spells can be cast repeatedly with low cooldown or minor mana cost.
Usually such spells are macroed to ensure a sequence of stacked debuffs that blanket the area: this is often impossible to leave fast or avoid with fast spell cast.
The balance issue is similar to repeated stunlock/freeze/etc - it allows a group of magic users to dominate the battle(usually some of them use damage spells while rest cast area disabling debuffs) in PvE and PvP.

Preventing this gameplay style:
1.Debuff with such power should have long cooldown and high cost.
2.It could have resistance(via "Reduce debuff duration by %" or "reduce damage from AoE spells by%" modifiers).
3.Allow teleporting/fast travel while under the debuff.
4.Restrict the power of these debuff in PvP or disable their effect on players entirely.