Instead of randomly appearing resource nodes(like e.g. flowers) the resource is statically generated at specific interval at specific place.
Example1: Instead of "berries random appear at field" - Berries appear at a bush X each 30 seconds.(Bush is part of scenery,not selectable)
Example2:instead of "Iron node appears randomly on mountain terrain" - Iron mine produces iron nodes each 50 seconds. (Iron mine can be represented as hole in ground).
Example3:Instead of "Oak trees(wood resource) appear at Forest randomly" - Trees appear at same spot and regenerate from a stump each 120 seconds.
Example4:Instead of "Frogs spawn randomly at any location in swamp X" - Frogs appear from a specific spawning site located at the edge of swamp and move away in random direction.

Effect:This simplifies resource gathering and appears more coherent than randomly spawned resources.
Abuse:To prevent one player camping a specific resource generator, it may have a limit of N gathering attempts per day(of spawned resource) per player after which gathering fails(for that player only).