Recoloring is design anti-pattern that allows to reuse existing levels/monsters by changing their color/pallete/texture and presenting it as another level.
This was excusable before due low amount of ram, but modern RPGs should not attempt to use recoloring to artificially add new levels.
The main problem with recoloring is that underneath, the same behaviour and patterns of the level exist, coming off as cheap copy-paste job with one adjust parameter(area level).
1.Random components model: monsters and objects are made from random components(with varying parameters) and mix of AI elements, creating a diverse set of possible monsters.
2.Level Generators: procedurally created levels with diverse set of designs which are randomly chosen.
3.New designs: adding new content and avoiding recoloring.
4.Reducing amount of levels:making the game more original by omission of "copy levels". Usually this is compensated by making existing levels larger.