Passive activation area is area around a switchable object(such as a door) which opens/activates when the player reaches the area.
Radius detector: Activates when player is in radius X to object.
Trap square: Activates object when player is on specific bounded area.
Switch: activates objects when player is inside the area, deactivates otherwise(useful for puzzles).
Pusher: moves player character to specific direction when inside an area. Used for traps/puzzles
Puller: moves player towards the object direction. Used mainly for traps/obstacles.
Elevator: Moves player vertically to another elevation level.
Autoportal area: Teleports the player into another area/room.
Magic area: Activates magical object effects/curses/aura.
Weather activator: changes weather or environment background(e.g. plants grow/die, snow start to fall).
Spawner: Spawns monsters or activates monster spawning objects.