Object Types in RPGs:

1.Buff generator: Grants a buff(examples:full restore, +x% damage for X seconds,+%x exp for X seconds) to character activating it. Typically recharges in X seconds.

2.Stat replenishing Aura: Restores stats(hp or mana) to nearby players or boosts their regen skills. Works continuously.

3.Static Trap: works once, then deactivates itself(some can regenerate or respawn). Damages nearby entities or shoots projectiles for a limited time or until destroyed/deactivated.

4.Dynamic Trap: damages nearby entities when in active state.
When in passive state cannot be destroyed(or entirely indestructible).

5.Spawner: Spawns monsters to nearby area. Some add bonus aura to monsters nearby until destroyed.

6.Curse aura object/area: reduces player stats when in aura range/area.(often combined with #5 if destructible)

7.Barrier: a high-hp building that has to be destroyed to advance.
Often used with traps or spawners to restrict movement.

8.Neutral Zone buildings: hosts NPCs and turns off damage while inside. Typically a "mini-town" embedded in hostile area.

9.Lever/Door/Waypoint/Portal activator: an object which has to be unlocked/activated by player to gain access to new areas/levels, bonuses or quest effects.