Items container are items that have an inventory.

1.Crafting box: allows items to be put inside to be merged(Diablo2 horadric cube is the prime example), enhanced(by applying consumables) or broken down for scraps.
2.Bag of Holding: provides expanded storage options.
3.Book-type container: contains scrolls/pages(texts) that can be viewed/inserted/removed or used for spells/crafting recipe.
4.Lootbox: spawns random loot when activated.(usually depicted as treasure chest)
5.Mailbox: Items which are sent to other players are put into a box container and mailed as one item.
6.Auction chest:contain items to be auctioned, Can be sent to auction or received by buying auction items.
7.Stacked item: not a container, but stacks N items of same exact type as one item(usually potions/scrolls or other consumables such as ammo/arrows).
Items usually can be unstacked by splitting the stack.