Consumable food item is a class of potion-like consumable that restores or alters(buffs) one or more stats.
Some games replace magic potions entirely with edible food for realism, with exotic food/herbs/plants serving unique buffs and mundane food items restoring stats.
However this approach has some problems:
1.Food doesn't indicate its importance as levels of healing potions and its appearance often doesn't correlate with effect.
2.Many different types of foods serving the same function makes it hard to distinguish them(e.g. Food A120 gives 20hp but FoodA121 gives 25hp).
3.The problems of stacking different food types: with single hp/mana potion type stacking potions is effortless, but many types of food will require their own inventory space and will only stack with its own type.
4.Food items may be offensive to religious/vegan/dieting demographics that strive to exclude specific food and not be reminded of its existence.
5.Food isn't a realistic "potion replacement" since the potions are magical and food is generally mundane.
6.Food is not immersive and reminds player of real world.
It often causes immersion break:
A subtle break in immersion when player encounters unhealthy food giving health points.
A food player despises has a huge bonus that doesn't make sense to player.

Its better to stick with abstract representation of "magic potions" or even better encourage regen/buff skills instead of potion-based gameplay(which involves too much inventory management).