Tedium is a portion of gameplay that doesn't have variety or purpose.
1.Time-gating: Player must wait X seconds to complete action.
Artificial time constraint is added to activities such as resource gathering/mining/crafting.
Solution: Replace time gating with resource-per-second stat which increase efficiency per skill points spent(with diminishing returns of course).

2.Grinding: Completing the same action to raise a stat higher("lever-pushing").

3.RNG Lottery: Completing the same action with low chance of success to achieve reward/success.
Solution: Modifiers for chance or amount of reward(items with e.g. +n% chance to X) and anti-grinding mechanics like drop chance decay.
http://videogamedesign.wikidot.com/mechanic:drop-chance-decay for items.
The easier way is to always include chance to X in player stat pages so the player has no illusion that its easily achievable.
The more complete solution replaces chances with charge modifiers(time spent before Action to Chance) or entirely replaces it with non-deterministic alternatives.