A rigged game is a design anti-pattern where a game is disporportionaly biased towards specific players or situations(usually due microtransactions or premium account advantages):
Specific patterns:
1.Pay-to-Win: Players can buy exclusive items/resources to obtain advantages without effort. Most obvious pay-to-win schemes are quickly noticed by audience.
2.Rigged chance: Players skill is nullified by chance, requiring many trials to "get correct random result" or spending disproportionate resources to achieve a successfull result(such as e.g. crafting an item).
3.Class superiority: due game mechanics and class abilities, some classes easily dominate the game, ruining the balance in PvP and making PvE rigged towards the superior classes.
4.Movement constraints to encourage fast travel: typically the game would provide a premium fast travel option and free slow movement, to encourage use of premium/cash shop feature.
5.Progression constraints to encourage resource spending: fees to obtain class skills/enchancements/perks which require disproportionate grinding or buying premium currency.
6.Locked heroes(limited to MOBA rpgs genre) with superior characteristics: usually a premium hero would have a class advantage that is useful to most scenarios or highly unbalanced skill that is very hard to counter for non-premium heroes, so the encounter is rigged from the start.
7.Premium currency integrated in game mechanics and progression/crafting costs:
usually the justification is "the premium currency is obtained within game" but such currency may be exceedingly rare or hard vs cash shop options, putting
8.A premium content pack/DLC/expansion that allows farming rare resources or obtaining rare items that are exclusive to player purchasing the DLC/Pack/expansion.
9.Premium account perks that allow premium players in-game advantages: economic discounts, access to highest-tier skills/items/perks(such as e.g. increased storage/auction options or exclusive access to premium-only economy)