Pain point is a an issue inside a video game that handicaps the player or artificially limits his choices, leading to a serious annonyance or dissatisfaction felt by players in-game. Unethical companies capitalize on this by selling items to avoid these pain points.

Examples of pain points:
1.Losing items:due durability loss, death, scams,etc.
2.Lacking funds to craft/travel/buy items. The player feeling poor and economy being harsh for low-level players create a negative expirience(e.g. low-level player can't benefit from economy).
3.Loss of ingame progress:expirience/levels.
4.Fear of being killed by other players(due open PvP/RvR).
5.Having to complete mandatory time-wasting tasks(e.g. daily quests).
6.Having to nagivate/change/control UI unintuitevely for simple tasks(crafting/navigation/trade).
7.Lack of automation/macros for common tasks(e.g. picking items).
8.Lack of security in neutral zones(Towns allowing entering monsters or other faction players).
9.Randomness of outcome:with randomness comes uncertainty and risk.(e.g. crafting chance, attribute values in battle)
10.Inbalanced PvP: feeling that other side is overpowered or with unfair advantage.(e.g. overpowered skills, items )
11.Uncertainty in general:hidden information games, gambling, misleading statistics or modifiers/attributes.

In general pain points create interruption and forces players to stop doing whatever they planned(e.g. running out of potions in mid-battle) or simply block player progress/efforts due "realism"(e.g. creating a timeout period after death).