In effort to attract casual and female audience, some companies compromise on difficulty or design features.
This is a blatantly wrong approach. Instead the whole idea can be solved by changing content and the UI by making the game look less violent and hardcore, while retaining all the difficulty and gameplay mechanics.

1.Blood/Gore/Wounds graphics should be removed.
2.Death/Hit/Wound animations removed/simplified to number popups and teleport.
3.Remove or replace monsters graphics with friendlier motifs(such as animals/machines). Make them look more appealing/cuter/beautiful or conversely bland/mechanic enemies.
4.Remodel dark areas or make them lighter, remove occult/horror elements or replace them with humor.
6.Make characters less hardcore looking(e.g. younger/cuter/less threatening).
7.Quests should reduce "task emphasis" on killing/harming and more of resource collecting/puzzle approach. A less aggressive/dramatic text content in general.
8.Less realism, more cartoony/anime look will be subconsciously interpreted as fantasy rather than source of threat.
9.Add gameplay tutorials/hints/guides/FAQ to ingame help or as part of quests - allowing new players to quickly grasp the game mechanics, but make these aspects optional(as to not burden veteran players starting new characters).
10.Robust chat system with both area-chat and global channels, including ability to have private moderated channels(without having clans).
11.Friend lists/ignore lists/block lists that reduce interaction with players user doesn't like and connect with people he likes.
12.A full-featured in-game mail which allows sending letters, items and resources(without requirement of sending item/resource to use mail). A decent mail system would categorize and filter incoming content into folders/tags.
13. Private housing/house items, customized homes and areas private to player, allowing player to create instances or parties.
14.Cosmetic items/content, decorative items/pets/clothes/auras/etc. Purely graphical things that make character unique.
15. Character customization: allowing wider changes and advanced/fine tuning of appearance.
16.PvP should be opt-in and optional. No open-world PvP.
Many casual players are PvE/Party players exclusively.
17.Reduce amount of time required to complete long pieces of content or allow complex quests to be completed part-by-part.