Combat loop immersion is a state where player exists during combat, e.g. clearing a group of monsters. Combat is a core mechanic which demand quality of experience.

Possible immersion breaks:
1.Loot drops forcing players to pickup items or lose them to others.
Solution: Monsters only guard access to item container(such as chests) or treasure.
2.Inventory management: either to use potions or move items.
Solution:No potion use allowed during or 30s after combat, or no potions at all(regen only mechanics that force players to stack +regen items/+regen skills)
3.Notifications from the game. Messages, mail,levelup,etc.
Solution: postpone these notification after combat ends(delay to idle state)
4.Kill stealing: other players taking the kill(often when monster is about to die).
Solution: Player which outputs most damage is awarded the reward for kill.
5.PvP challenge or hostile PvP players.
Solution: PvP must be consented by all parties(outside of combat) or no PvP outside dedicated PvP zones/arenas.
6.Area event: some distracting event or change occurs in the area.
Solution: limit such changes/events to instanced/quest levels.