Anime design is a low-memory design with more abstract and less detailed textures,
Usually the inspiration comes from anime genre or modern cartoons(Disney), but is not limited to it - key requirement is simplified forms.

1.Low memory impact. Less minimal requirements.
2.Less lightning/shading required for realism.
3.Cheap 3D construction, less detail/polygons for content creation.
4.Great for 2D/2.5D visuals, retro graphics, sprite-based games.
5.Flexible design: most content can be animefied or simplified/abstracted.

1.Looks bright and cartoony(fictional/humorous). Might not fit the genre of the game.
2.Has reputation of being marketed to kids/teens, drawing less mature audience.
3.Anime-themed combat looks much less realistic and more like comedy.
4.Anime-like avatars have limited selection of personalization.