Common Avatar Flaws

List of common avatar flaws:
where "Realism" breaks immersion(due poor imitation of real-life humanoids).
1.Unrealistic mono-color eyes. Eyes have gradients of colors and textures.
2.Flat eyes(common in older games). Eyes are convex multi-layer structures.
3.Eye pupils that have a simple color transition. Eyes in reality have a complex texture that exists around the pupil.
4.Flat hair : hair is depicted as texture over an object(to minimize rendering cost). Hair in reality has multiple strands.
5.Static hair, hair is depicted as static. Real hair moves(wing,position,running).
6.Monochromatic skin. Real skin has gradients and illuminated by sub-surface scattering(shine a laser through a finger to see).
7.Sharp mesh edges: objects with polygonal transition rather than curves.
8.Unrealistic proportions with size change: e.g. head vs torso width, when the player is allow to alter size of body structures.(structures have to be proportional to other elements of the avatar or it will look disfigured/unrealistic)
9.Lack of visible muscle: avatar limbs and body are depicted with flat surfaces vs real bodies having curved transitions that show muscles, bone location etc.